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External – two years – 4 compulsory + 6 optional + 1 pragmatism + 1 dissertation



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Course Content


4 compulsory +  6 optional + 1 pragmatism + 1 dissertation

Compulsory Papers


PSY0851 – Child  & Adolescent Developmental Psychology
PSY0852 – School Psychology
PSY0853 – Student Counseling
PSY0848 -  Classifications of Mental Disorders  (DSM & ICD)
PSY0849 – Pragmatism
PSY0850 – Dissertation

Optional(select any six)





Abnormal Child Psychology
Educational Psychology
School Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of teaching and learning
Nutritional Child Psychology
Child Cognitive Psychology
Brain and Behavior
Emotional Development
Child & Adolescent Mental Health
Childhood Psychological Disorders
General Child Pathology
Mental Illness in Children – Treatment Guide
Child Abuse
Listening to Children
Pediatric Interviewing
Learning Disability
Eating Disorders
Body Image
Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence Testing
Disability Assessment
Behavior Problems
Talking about Sexuality
Treating Stress in Children
Classroom Management
Group Therapy Planner
Designing Activities
Character Development and Story Telling
Student Counseling Planners
Diagnosing Learning Disorders
Special Education
Care Therapy
Child Art Therapy
Cognitive Therapy for Children
Family Therapy
Play Therapy
Drama Therapy
Counseling Process and Skills
Effective Counseling Techniques
Behavior Therapy

Course Information Document

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