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“Welcome to IHMH - Internationally recognized and reputed autonomous institute offering research & certificate courses in psychology and its allied disciplines"

Welcome to Institute of Holistic Mental Health (IHMH)

IHMH offers students the chance to learn by practicing. Through pragmatic study, through research, through superior guidance, through open book exams, students learn to approach the study of psychology scientifically and practically. They develop an understanding of how psychologists do research and how that research contributes to our understanding of human behavior. As a result, our students are prepared for a wealth of career options. In addition to positions as psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, school psychologists and social workers, our alumni find jobs in many other fields including education, finance, management, IT, and medical.

IHMH aims to enable students to develop understanding of theories and empirical findings in psychological science. To accomplish these goals, the course of study focuses on understanding the methods, theories, ethics, and cultural context through coursework, pragmatism, dissertation work, guide interaction and associated workplace experience. IHMH follows grading and choice-based credit system.

IHMH has strengths in therapeutic, developmental, social, cognitive, physiological, research and cultural aspects of the field, offering something for every student who is interested in understanding human psychology.

IHMH offers the student a choice of courses from a wide variety of fields in psychology. IHMH encourages the student to focus on more specialized areas through advanced coursework, seminars and research. Students at IHMH can engage in research in learning disability, adolescent issues, depression prevention, women empowerment, spiritual psychology, cognitive development, perception and action, self-control, cultural psychology, and many other areas of psychological inquiry.

Courses Offered




School Psychology,

Criminal Psychology,


Industrial Psychology,

Positive Psychology

Sexual Psychology

Social Psychology,

Spiritual Psychology,

Developmental Psychology,

Educational Psychology,

Applied Psychology,

Adoloscent Psychology,

Cognitive Psychology,

Behaviour Psychology etc.,

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